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Ryokan Sakaya

Nozawa Onsen-mura, Nozawa Onsen, Japan
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Scout loves

  • Service is excellent – friendly and efficient.
  • Incorporated into the hotel is one of the best onsens in town – exclusive for guests. There is a private onsen that can be booked for couples.
  • The lobby area looks onto a beautiful, peaceful, snowy Japanese garden.
  • The hotel features exceptionally good Japanese-style rooms, providing guests with a choice of futon or western beds.
  • The food is great. Even if you’re not staying here, come and try the food. The restaurant serves up some of the best Japanese dishes in town.

Scout tips

  • This hotel is popular so book early.
  • A family of up to six can sleep in the Deluxe room.
  • The compact rooms have an ensuite toilet and shower and limited storage.
  • Japanese Breakfast is served on the first day. After that guests can choose between Western or Japanese style breakfast.
  • It’s a short (but steep) walk up to the Nagasaka ski area base, or to the moving walkway for the Hikage Station. The hotel can arrange for your equipment to be stored at the base area (for a fee).
  • Sakaya is an authentic Japanese luxury experience. If you require western style luxury it might not be the best choice. Please read our story about Staying in a Japanese hotel to understand some of the differences.


Luxurious and authentic, Ryokan Sakaya is Scout’s number one pick for authentic Japanese style accommodation not only in Nozawa Onsen, but in all the ski resorts in Japan!

From the moment you walk into Ryokan Sakaya hotel, you will start to feel relaxed. This is in part thanks to the friendly welcome of the charming receptionists (who speak excellent English), but also because of the Japanese garden that is visible through the windows in the reception area. There’s nothing like mossy rocks covered in pillows of soft snow surrounded by a pond teaming with colourful fish to make you feel Zen – it’s easily one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful hotel entrances we’ve seen.

Ryokan Sakaya is one of the oldest hotels in Nozawa Onsen – built 110 years ago. The family who runs it have been in the hospitality business for 18 generations, which means they have a pretty good idea of what they’re doing! You will be superbly looked after here.

The hotel is made up of 29 rooms, offering a mix of Japanese and Western bedding. Regardless of your preference, all rooms maintain a distinctly Japanese feel – thanks to the Tatami mats that line the floor. And if you choose Japanese beds, the staff will fold up your futon every morning, place it in the cupboard, and replace it with a low table and seat backs. (Rooms with western beds will always have the beds out).

The Deluxe rooms are large enough for a family of five (although it will be tight), with rice paper partitions separating the sleeping area from the small living area. If you choose Western-style bedding in the Deluxe category, you will get a larger sleeping area (with a smaller living area).

The Standard rooms come with a full ensuite bathroom (as do the Deluxe rooms) and will fit up to three people. Whereas the Compact rooms are smaller, featuring an ensuite with toilet, sink and shower– as well as a smaller storage area and no separate living area. However they are still a fantastic choice!

As with all traditional Japanese style hotels, you can’t expect luxuries such as the latest technology or big comfy couches in your rooms. And if the idea of lazing around on tatami mats sounds uncomfortable, you should opt for a Western-style room.

Rates differ depending on weather you want just breakfast, or breakfast and dinner. (For breakfast, you can choose between Western or Japanese, and the dinner menu is different every night). The quality of the food is exceptional, which is why Scout recommends that you choose the dinner-inclusive option for at least a couple of nights.

To top it all off, Ryokan Sakaya has what must be one of the most beautiful onsens in Japan. The female facilities feature an indoor and an outdoor onsen (called ‘rotenburo’). It’s such an incredible treat being able to sit in a natural hot spring, au naturel, with snow falling around you. There is also a private family onsen that accommodates up to 4 people, and can be reserved for an hour’s exclusive use for no extra cost. The facilities also include a sauna and a full-service spa that offers massage services and facials.

Who should stay here

Those seeking a luxurious and authentic Japanese experience. It’s a little more expensive than the other accommodation options in Nozawa, but it’s well worth it.

Scout Customer Reviews

Excellent! Complete Japanese immersion in a traditional hotel with exceptional service. The onsen is a must. Ariane, Scout Cutsomer 2020

Ryokan Sakaya was really good. Great service, breakfasts and kaiseki dinner. Tatami mats were a bit hard for my wife’s liking but we ended up just using 2 mattresses! Can’t beat the location of Ryokan Sakaya. Ken, Scout Customer 2020


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