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Hotel Naturwald

Kitanomine, Furano, Japan
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 Scout Verified

Scout loves

  • Convenient and excellent location in Furano
  • The very friendly, vibrant and happy atmosphere
  • Children’s playroom with lots of toys that will keep kids busy
  • The lounge area where there is a countertop fireplace, and where you can roast marshmallows
  • The clean, fresh ambiance

Scout tips

  • Free wi-fi access throughout the hotel
  • You can choose from a selection of pillows
  • The onsen is not a natural hot spring
  • Depending on your preference, you can choose a room with a ski side or valley view. Scout prefers the valley views.
  • Minimal English is spoken
  • Sometimes the hotel can be heavily booked with school groups


A fun, friendly, happy hotel in a great location, Naturwald is an excellent option if you want to be just a hop, step and jump across the road from the slopes, and a short walk from the Kitanomine ski base area, the main gondola, ski school and ski rental shops. It is also surrounded by Kitanomine’s restaurants and bars. This Japanese style hotel with western amenities was recently renovated so you get a fresh, updated and vibrant ambiance. It has an “Ikea” feel to it which is very different from the usual 1980’s pastel colors and outdated furnishings usually found in Japanese hotels.

Naturwald hotel has both Japanese style rooms and Western style rooms. Most of its rooms are Western style which are ample in size and feature two twin beds, a small sofa bed, flat-screen TV, a fridge, an electric kettle with complimentary green tea bags, and a bath and toilet. Whil these rooms fit three people, it would be a tight squeeze so only recommended for the third person to be a young child. The Japanese style rooms feature tatami mats, flat-screen TV, a fridge, an electric kettle with complimentary green tea bags, and a bath and a toilet.

Naturwald has a few large suites with mini kitchens and generous living areas. They’re an excellent choice for families or those who want to stay longer (please ask us for pricing). Naturwald hotel has lots of unique features including a large selection of pillows so whether you love hard or soft pillows, Scout knows you will be sleeping comfortably. Most of the rooms at Naturwald have nice views of the mountain, ski slopes or valleys, and Scout prefers the rooms with the valley views.

Although Naturwald is surrounded by Kitanomine’s restaurants and bars, it has a good restaurant which serves a combination of Japanese and Western dishes for its buffet breakfast, and a set menu for dinner.

It also features facilities that will appeal to both the young and the old. The natural onsen (both indoor and outdoor) are lovely and the children can find entertainment in the kids room, or roast marshmallows over the small table-top firepit in the lobby. Other facilities include washers and dryers, ski rentals and a convenience store.

Naturwald offers you an entirely different Japanese style experience and hospitality which will want you to come back for more. 

Who should stay here

Naturwald hotel is ideal for couples, groups of friends or families, people who want to be close to the ski area of Taisetsuzan and town of Furano.

Scout Customer Reviews

Naturwald Hotel was fantastic and I was pleasantly surprised at how well set up they were for babies and young children… even with baby bath seats and breastfeeding pillows for guest use. As our little one grows, I have a feeling that the Naturwald will be top on our list of family-friendly hotels. Kita-san was also great. - Simon, Hong Kong, Scout Customer

Furano was a perfect location and Naturwald was a great quirky location for Xmas. Guy, Sydney, Scout Customer

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