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The Gant

610 S. West End, Aspen, USA
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 Scout Verified

Scout loves

  • Heated outdoor hot tubs & swimming pool (especially magical when it's snowing!)
  • On-demand skier & town shuttle for guests
  • Fantastic ski valet service
  • The setting is peaceful; nestled amongst the woods just on the outskirts of downtown Aspen (yet so close!)
  • All the condos feature balconies and wood-burning fireplaces (rare in most condos in Aspen)

Scout tips

  • The Gant is a full-service condo hotel.
  • The hotel is about 3½ blocks to the base of the gondola – just close enough to serve as a good warm-up walk in ski boots. (Otherwise, their shuttle service can give you a lift).
  • Airport transfers are included in the rate, although guests are asked to contribute gratuities.
  • Choose decor/funishings level - Premium, Deluxe, or Standard level of rooms (all condo layouts are the same)
  • Some condos feature laundry facilities, or you can use the communal laundry.


Unlike the 5-star hotels where they do all the thinking for you, The Gant offers more of a do-it-yourself Aspen condo experience, under the roof of a quality full-service hotel. Situated about three and a half blocks away from the gondola (and with the main downtown area about the same distance away), The Gant is in a good location.  Because it’s not quite in the thick of the action, it offers a nice secluded atmosphere – nestled right up against Aspen Mountain in a peaceful environment.

The Gant condos are a great size, and you can choose between Standard, Deluxe and Premier versions (with different levels of decor and furnishings). The main difference between the types of rooms is that the Deluxe and Premier versions, like many visitors to Aspen, have had some work done (Hey, it’s true!). The rooms all share the same dimensions, but Deluxe and Premier rooms offer furniture and fixtures that are just a little bit more up-to-date. However, if you’re not fussed about this kind of thing, then save your money and stick with the Standard – Scout has seen them all and can attest that the quality standards are uniformly high. If you require laundry facilities, Premier condos guarantee a washer and dryer and Deluxe rooms are more likely to have them than not (although this is not guaranteed). Additionally in both Deluxe and Premier condos, they guarantee that one room will have a King bed, with generally 2 queens in the second bedroom (perfect for families!)

The Gant offers full-service hotel-style accommodation, with the luxury of having your own space and freedom of a full kitchen and comfortable living area. The staff are friendly, and the drivers are always ready (between 7am and 11pm) to take you downtown if you’re not in the mood to walk. Plus you can even arrange grocery delivery! There are two lovely onsite pools with hot tubs (a must-visit after a day on the slopes) – and heated towels! The Gant has undergone renovations in recent years, and you'll find a great fitness centre, and the Pepperjack Cafe - offering good coffee, a quick breakfast option, hot lunch, and a nice spot for an afternoon of après. Ski rental and boot fitting with Ski Butlers on-site for added convenience and overnight ski tuning to keep your gear in tip top shape.

Views will vary from one condo to the next; some have very limited views while others (especially those on the top floor) provide views that encompass Independence Pass, or Aspen Mountain and the gondola. You can take your pick of what kind of view you’d like when you’re making your reservation – they’re usually pretty good at satisfying requests. With over 120 condos on site to choose from, we're sure to find the perfect option for your next family ski vacation.

The Gant is an ideal Aspen lodging option for families who are after a more self-catered stay, but within walking distance of Aspen downtown and Ajax Mountain for skiing convenience. It is also perfect for those who like the facilities and services of a full-service hotel.

Who should stay here

The Gant is great for groups of friends or for families who want to be in Aspen town, but who are looking for a self-catered ski vacation.

Available: This selection is currently available for this price. Once you submit an inquiry our agents will confirm your booking via email and send you an invoice for a deposit. You will need to pay a 25% deposit within 7 days (unless otherwise specified) to secure the booking.

On Request: Our agents need to confirm availability of this room. Once you submit a request we will endeavour to get back to you by the next business day to confirm availability (some properties may take longer). If prices are listed they are the exact prices for your dates, room selection and room occupancy. Where prices are not listed we will confirm the price when we confirm availability. In either instance, you are not committed to your selection until after we confirm availability and price. Once you agree to that confirmation, you will be sent an invoice and will need to pay a 25% deposit within 7 days (unless otherwise specified) to secure the booking. If your requested room is not available, we will present alternative options.

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