How does Scout evaluate hotels?

Each hotel undergoes a significant round of research before making our long shortlist. We then visit each hotel on the long shortlist and judge them based on a skier-specific set of criteria along with style, service and facilities. Only then do we decide whether it makes the Scout shortlist. Most importantly, Scout’s editorial policy is that our content is independent and written 100% by us. We don't sign contracts that allow hotels or resorts to dictate the content (though of course we work with them to make sure facts are correct!). We don’t get bribed or paid to include a hotel. If we wouldn’t stay there - we won’t offer it on our site.

Can I see an exact photograph of the room I am booking?

Unfortunately, usually not. Most of the hotels have standard furnishings so the photos on Scout are usually a close representation of what you will see in your room. Some of the properties we include are condo complexes that have individual owners. Often these condos are furnished by the owner and refurbishment is up to them. We have done our best to describe and represent via photos the general style of the condos, however, we can’t be specific or show pictures of them all.

I’ve read all Scout’s reviews but I’m still not sure what hotel or resort to go to. Can I ask your advice?

We’d be happy to help wherever we can so email us any questions at advice@scoutski.com. Make sure you include any relevant information we might need to answer your question. 

Can I suggest a resort, hotel or operator?

Of course! Scout loves to hear of recommendations by all keen skiers and adventurers. Please send your recommendations to feedback@scoutski.com and tell us what makes it so special. We will endeavor to include them on our next round of scouting, but understand that in keeping with our policy and to maintain standards, they must be visited by our reviewers to feature on the site.

Do hotels, resorts or operators pay to be on Scout?

We don't take any money from hotels, resorts or operators to be listed on Scout. This is how we maintain our independent voice.

Does Scout get free stuff from resorts, hotels or operators?

From time-to-time there are really nice people in the industry who will give us things for free or a discounted price. It goes a long way to enabling us to stay on the research road to bring you all the detailed reviews and stories. But we make sure it never gets in the way of telling the truth. 


Who can book via Scout?

Anyone, anywhere in the world can book via Scout. We are a global site for global skiers and snowboarders. We will quote and charge you in your own currency or the currency of your choice (either AUD, USD, CAD, EUR, GBP or JPY)

What is the reservation process?

All of our content is designed to help you with your research and decide where you would like to ski & stay. It's completely independent so you can trust that it's not going to try and sell you something that's not right for you! If you are struggling with where to go check out our Scout Picks page for some inspiration and use our Resort Finder to help narrow down your options. If you're still lost and just don't know where to start feel free to contact us. We'd love to help!

Once you have decided on a resort and hotel (or have a selection of a few hotels) fill out the Inquiry form attached to the hotel you are interested in and fill out as many details as you can. We will work out a quote for you and get back to you with options.

Can I book other products like lifts, rentals, lessons and transfers through Scout?

For most resorts - yes! And guess what, the more you book via Scout the more you save. We always require lodging to be a part of any package and don't sell lift tickets as a stand alone product.

Do you book flights?

We partner with a trusted agent that can assist with flights as part of your package.

Can I just book lodging or do I have to book a ski package?

You are welcome to book lodging on its own or as part of a customized ski package (for most destinations). Use the same inquiry form and we'll get back to you with a quote.

Can I book over the phone?

It's best to start with the online inquiry form. Depending on the style and complexity of your trip and we may end up arranging a call to discuss your brief. 

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you select a lodging or package deal from a quote we will confirm availability with the hotel and then notify you when it's all booked. Should you chose accommmodation that doesn't end up being available, we will provide new options.

What is the payment process?

  • Deposit: 25% of the full amount is due WITHIN 10 DAYS OF CONFIRMATION to secure the booking.
  • Final Balance: Invoice will be issued for the remaining balance 80 days prior to departure. PAYMENT IS DUE 70 DAYS PRIOR to departure. Failure to pay by 70 days may result in the auto-cancellation of accommodation by the accommodation provider or late payment fees.
  • Bookings within 70 days: Full payment is required within 7 days to secure the booking.
  • Variations: In some rare circumstances suppliers may have different payment policies to the above. Additionally some Early Bird deals require full payment by or soon after the book-by date. In these instances Scout will clearly communicate any variances prior to confirmation.

How will I be charged?

We accept direct bank/wire transfers into local US, EUR or Australian bank accounts. We also take credit card payments (Amex, Visa, Masercard) and charge a 1.8% surcharge for credit card payments.

What information is stored?

We never receive your credit card details. All your other information gathered in the inquiry process or via newsletter subscription is stored safely and securely. Your information is never sold, given away or used without your permission. Read more in the Privacy Policy section.

Does Scout charge extra fees?

The rate we quote you includes all associated taxes and general hotel fees. Some hotels charge extra fees for parking, cots, rollaways etc. If it is not already listed in the hotel amenities or policies section, such fees can be confirmed on request based on your requirements. Scout does not charge any additional fees or booking charges, except for a 1.8% credit card surcharge.

What happens if the currency exchange rate goes up or down?

If you book an international destination, all remaining balance amounts are subject to change (based on currency fluctuations) until the final payment has been processed. This can go either way (if your currency gets stronger you will be invoiced less!). We will confirm at the time of invoice what the final amount is, based on the exchange rate at that time. Should you wish to pay the balance earlier (prior to when it’s actually due) to secure that current exchange rate you are welcome to request the final invoice and pay it at any time. Once payments have been made (deposit or final balance), no refunds will be given for changes in the amount of what that payment would be based on currency changes at any time prior to your trip.

Where do I make a special and/or bedding request?

When you are filling out your form you will see a box for any special requests. This is where you can request bedding types, for example, two queens, a cot/crib (charges may apply) or adjoining rooms (charges may apply). Please note that usually these are requests only, are based upon availability at check-in and cannot always be guaranteed by the hotel. Scout has made some handy recommendations about what to request, based on our visit to the hotel, and our opinion.


Do I need confirmation numbers, vouchers or to print out my confirmation?

Once you have made your final payment we will send you a detailed itinerary with all your travel details and any necessary vouchers. Every hotel, resort and supplier has different ways of doing things. We will make sure you have everything you will need to redeem exactly what you have booked and paid for. We always strongly recommend printing out any travel documents since phones can die and technology can fail!

How do I change my reservation?

Please get in contact with Scout as soon as you know you need to change your reservation at customerservice@scoutski.com. Once bookings are confirmed and deposit is paid service fees will apply for every amendment, late final payment and travel document re-issue in addition to fees charged by suppliers.

If I change a hotel reservation, will I still get the same rate?

Rates and availability are subject to change, so it is possible that the rate will be different from your original reservation, or that there will be no availability if you need to shift dates.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • All deposits are non-refundable once received.
  • For balance payments made within 70-45 days prior to the trip 25% of the payment is non-refundable.
  • No refund for total amount for cancellations 45 days or less prior to arrival and no-shows. In unexpected circumstances (family death etc) Scout will work to negotiate with the supplier for a full or partial refund, however this is not guaranteed. We recommend taking travel insurance to make sure you are covered.
  • Variations: Please note that some hotels have stricter policies (such as no refund within 60 days) and we are required to pass on these policies. We will communicate any varations to the above cancellation policy prior to confirmation of booking.

I need to cancel my booking. What do I do?

If you need to cancel your booking please contact us at customerservice@scoutski.com.

I am at my hotel and there’s a problem with my booking. What can I do?

Please call Scout on USA +1 970 236 6037 or Australia +61 2 8006 1074 or email us at customerservice@scoutski.com.


What is a Scout Field Guide and how can I get one?

So often when you’re in a new place, the thing you need most is the hardest to find. So as a thank you for anyone booking one of our major resorts with Scout we’ll send you a handy pocket-sized Field Guide for your resort. Along with restaurant and bar suggestions, there’s some useful information such as where to buy groceries and emergency numbers. Scout Field Guides are sent free of charge exclusively to anyone that makes a booking for a ski hotel in a major resort. They are not available for purchase. Just like the hotels we include, we are not paid or given kickbacks by any of the businesses we include – in fact many won’t even know they’re in it! It’s an independent selection of things we like and want to share. 

Does every resort have a Scout Field Guide?

No. Some resorts just aren't big enough to justify a Scout Field Guide. However we will make sure you have all the right information you need to make your ski trip and enjoyable and easy one.

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