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The Fairmont Banff Springs

405 Spray Ave, Banff, Canada
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Scout loves

  • The hotel has a gigantean castle-like atmosphere.
  • The place is oozing history – be sure to check out all the old photos above the lobby.
  • Guests can enjoy enormous buffet breakfasts in the Vermillion Room – bring your ski appetite.
  • Most of the rooms have been recently and stylishly refurbished.
  • The Fairmont View Rooms have good views.
  • If you like shopping, there are over a dozen stores in the hotel. 
  • Mt Stephen Hall has grand ceilings that are well worth checking out. 

Scout tips

  • You will probably get lost. Just be patient and ask for directions.
  • The STOCK Market has an adequate range of well-priced dinner snacks if you want something light and quick. It also has great breakfasts and decent coffee.
  • Downtown Banff is a 25 minute walk down the hill. The local bus service does stop at the hotel.
  • The Fairmont is popular with tour groups and conferences, though less so in winter than in summer.
  • Wifi is included in the Resort Fee, but you can also sign up for the Fairmont President’s club before or during your stay for premium access.


Most visitors to the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel already know it well even before they arrive. Any marketing for Banff, Alberta or even Canada features photographs of its imposing castle structure, nestled among the fir trees and surrounded by spectacular mountains.

The Fairmont Banff Springs is steeped in history. It opened in 1888 and was the inspiration of 19th Century railway pioneer Sir William Cornelius Van Horne who once stated “If we can’t export the scenery, we’ll import the tourists”. It was Van Horne who had the stroke of genius to place this hotel (and its sister hotels) along the railway lines to create properties that are destinations in their own right.

When you step inside the giant lobby you can just picture the scene of decades gone by when tourists came by train to be refreshed in Banff’s mountain air, rejuvenated by the thermal springs and entertained by musicians such as Glen Miller and Duke Ellington. Today there are still hordes of people – the hotel has no less than 770 rooms – and that’s not counting all the tourists who come just to have a look. But fortunately the friendly staff keep everything running efficiently no matter how hectic it gets, and there are plenty of quiet corners in the hotel where you can escape.

There are a variety of room types available at the Fairmont and, as expected, the more you pay, the better the room. Our Fairmont view room was modern but on the small side (200sq.ft.) – especially the bathroom – which was surprising given the price tag. But the view was astounding and well worth the extra. The bed was luxurious and had a contemporary yet refined style.

Like other Fairmonts, Banff Springs Fairmont has a hotel within a hotel. Fairmont Gold rooms have a separate check-in area with complimentary Wi-Fi, buffet breakfasts, coffee, tea and canapés. It’s worth noting that despite their higher price tag the ‘Fairmont Gold’ rooms on Scout do not have mountain or valley views, so if that is a priority you’re better off choosing a Fairmont View Room.

Scattered throughout the gigantic hotel are plenty of high-quality and casual restaurants – if you’re looking for a romantic and intimate atmosphere, Scout highly recommends the Rundle Bar. The 1888 Chop House offers locally sourced fare (and scrumptious desserts), and STOCK provides the necessary caffeine hit and fresh made sandwiches, bakery goods, artisanal meals, and grab & go fare. 

The gym, spa and pool facilities are excellent – a spa treatment is well worth it as you can enjoy the peaceful mineral and plunge pools. Plus there’s a separate outdoor hot tub, steam room and sauna – all restricted to spa guests. Being a luxurious full service hotel, the Fairmont offers everything one would come to expect including full housekeeping, concierge services, childcare, and gift shops.

With all there is to do at Banff Fairmont Springs, you’ll almost forget you’re here for skiing. Fortunately, shuttle busses to all three nearby resorts stop right outside the hotel, so you’re never too far away.

But all-in-all you will never forget a visit to Fairmont Banff Springs.

Who should stay here

Fairmont Banff Springs is perfect for those seeking a luxurious, historic ski getaway and who want tons of services and facilities. You also need to be comfortable with staying in a big, bustling hotel. 

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