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Cervo Mountain Resort

Riedweg 156, Zermatt, Switzerland
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Scout loves

  • Cervo’s position, perched on a hillside with incredible views of the Matterhorn, yet still quite accessible to the downtown Zermatt.
  • The relaxed après scene.
  • The sense of privacy and intimacy that only a boutique hotel can provide.
  • The incredible Mountain Ashram Spa
  • Unique concept for a European mountian hotel

Scout tips

  • In some rooms the bathrooms are fairly open, so you'll want to be comfortable with whom you are sharing a room with.
  • Room rates include breakfast, use of the wellness areas and concierge service.
  • Massage and beauty treatments can be arranged at an extra charge.
  • The hotel is non-smoking, but there are smoking areas


Cervo Zermatt is a spectacular hotel perched high up on the hillside above the town of Zermatt. The hotel’s main building was built in 1940, and since then there have been additional lodges added, each housing serveral rooms per lodge. Cervo is the ultimate in luxury and design, with everything done in a very modern alpine style. We think it is simply beautiful and it’s a style that many will appreciate, especially those looking for a hint of European alps with their modern style. 

A recent renovation, in 2020, redefined the philosophy of the hotel to a more sustainable, ecological model. The rooms have been redefined based on the lodge they are located in. The restaurants have also been re-thought - the lounge is an all-day “bazaar”, with the majority of dishes being vegetarian, taking guests on a culinary journey from the Middle East to North Africa. Guests who like to have meat with their breakfast will find local, ethically sourced delicacies in the neighbouring wine cellar, “Grapes & Juniper”. There is also an Italian restaurant: “Madre Nostra”. The existing restaurant Ferdinand continues to provide local delicacies.  Not surprisingly, given its ski-in ski-out position, Cervo is a popular place for après, and its terrace is pumping on beautiful days.

There are up to 11 rooms in each of the seven separate lodges with the smallest being 22 m2. The new theme for the room types are Nomad, Alpinist and Huntsman - the difference being the design and style of the rooms and where the lodge is located. The Nomad rooms are the entry level rooms. Most rooms are fairly decent sized and many have prized Matterhorn views. The rooms are fitted with the latest in technology, including tablets and surround sound systems.Note that only the suites have a TV. They also have minibars, espresso machines and electric kettles. All rooms have balconies with deck chairs. Rooms are done in a beautiful, modern style, yet remain refined.

Rooms are classified as small, medium, large and then suites and apartments. Bedding varies throughout with some rooms featuring bunk beds and room for up to 6 people. The suites have a small living area with sofas, balcony, bathtub and shower. It feels like home away from home, (though most possibly a lot more stylish). 

Despite its size, Cervo still feels like a boutique hotel. All rooms face mountains, and because it's located up on the hillside, these views are generally pretty good. While only some of these rooms do see the Matterhorn, expect the views to be amazing, no matter what room you get.

The location of the hotel is quite unique. While Cervo is perched on the hillside, there's a public elevator that operates 24 hours a day to take you directly down to the river level, and so from there it's only a short walk to the center of town and to train stations. Getting to the ski slopes, you either take the elevator and catch a taxi to wherever you want to go, or take the elevator, and walk to Sunnegga train station, which will bring you up the slopes. You can also catch the elevator, and walk to the Gornergratbahn. Although the location of the hotel seems remote up on the hillside, it's actually convenient to both the town and train .

Who should stay here

Cervo Zermatt is for couples who appreciate sound design, luxury, privacy and easy access to the slopes. It's also for those that are looking for a hotel that's a little different from the usual European ski hotel fare.

Scout Customer Reviews

The Cervo was a bit different even though it only had 36 rooms.  Our room was across the street from the main building, restaurants, Apres-Ski, and the ski locker.   We had a great view of the Matterhorn from our balcony.  Adjacent was the end of the ski run as well as the entrance to the elevator which provided easy access to the town of Zermatt in no more than10 minutes or to the funnitel which took you up to the ski slopes at Sunnegga.  We skied into the Cervo, dropped off the skis in the locker, and climbed a few steps to Apres-Ski which included either a band or a DJ.  A great way to finish off the skiing portion of the day. Cervo's breakfasts were excellent and we enjoyed eating dinner there several times.  It was a friendly, high-quality lodging on the mountain.  It was a great location with easy access to skiing, apres-ski, and the town. Ron, Scout Customer, 2020

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