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Sun Valley Inn

2 Sun Valley Rd, Sun Valley, Ketchum, Idaho, USA

Scout loves

  • Ideal location next to Sun Valley Lodge and in the heart of the Sun Valley Village
  • Traditional alpine styling and furnishings
  • Great outdoor pool area for the kids
  • Apartments with twin beds in the second bedroom for families

Scout tips

  • The rooms at the Inn are smaller and more modest than at Sun Valley Lodge but still comfortable throughout
  • The new bathrooms don't have an opaque door (cloudy door on toilet) which may be a problem for some guests
  • Sun Valley is part of the Epic Pass and ideal for a multi-resort ski trip


Sun Valley Inn is a simple, alpine accommodation option that is part of the Sun Valley Resort. This quaint inn has been remodelled to give rooms a fresh update, with clean, comfortable furnishings throughout. While the rooms at Sun Valley Inn are smaller than those at the nearby Sun Valley Lodge, they still offer everything you need for a great ski vacation.

Sun Valley Inn is a family-friendly ski hotel, with easy access to the ski shuttle and local amenities of the Sun Valley Resort. Whether you're skiing all day, every day or enjoying the nearby pool, ice skating, bowling and cinema, you're sure to have a trip to remember.

The rooms at Sun Valley Inn include king and two queen rooms as well as larger suites which offer additional seating areas. The recent redesigns mean that the rooms feature plush soft furnishings, clean, modern bathrooms and standard hotel facilities such as a desk/chair and tea/coffee making equipment. Scout loves the warm hues and tones throughout, which add a little more of a luxurious feel to the hotel rooms. The apartments at the Inn are particularly great for families, with twin beds in the second bedroom as standard.

Sun Valley Inn features decent communal areas and amenities such as a lobby, restaurant and bar as well as an outdoor pool with really serene surrounds. The location is about a 5 minute drive from downtown Ketchum and a 10 minute drive from the main ski resort, with the beginner Dollar mountain only a few minutes' drive away. The Inn is ideal for families on a more moderate budget and skiers who seek standard hotel lodging with easy access to the slopes.

Who should stay here

Sun Valley Inn would be a good fit for those seeking nice quality alpine accommodation with decent on-site amenities and a quality shuttle service taking you to the ski mountain.

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