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9100 Marsac Ave, Park City, USA
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Scout loves

  • This hotel has possibly the world’s most sophisticated ski valet system.
  • The rooms are large and beautifully decorated. Most also feature spectacular views of the valley and Uinta Mountain Range.
  • The spa, which is the largest in Utah, features beautiful steam rooms, saunas, spas and chilled showers – and it’s free for all guests to use.
  • The gym is well-equipped, and offers free classes for guests.
  • Montage has recently added a new feature - Powder Park. It's the hotel's very own snow tubing park, featuring an automated 'magic carpet'.

Scout tips

  • The $34 nightly valet parking charge is one of the heftiest Scout’s come across, but considering that there’s no resort fee or Wi-Fi charges (that are the norm at places like this), it evens out.
  • Rooms with ‘resort views’ have views of the hotel building and surrounds (not the ski resort). However some rooms have pretty tree outlooks with glimpses of the ski slopes.
  • Rooms on the 6th floor have walk-out patios.
  • The king and double queen rooms can connect via a private corridor.
  • The hotel is quite separate from the rest of Deer Valley village, and Park City is a 10 minute drive down the hill. Hotel shuttles can take you there every hour (and once a day they also do drop offs and pick ups from The Canyons).
  • Suites have a basic kitchenette but no stovetop.


From the moment you arrive, you’ll notice that Montage Deer Valley is different to other hotels. Instead of being checked in at the desk, a receptionist will greet you at the oversized front door, and will complete the check in and orientation process while walking you to your room. Make sure you pay close attention to the orientation speech – you WILL get lost in this maze of corridors and elevators which connect the 220 rooms. The hotel is also home to five restaurants, a variety of shops, Utah's biggest spa (with 29 rooms) and lounge areas.

And unlike many other hotels, Montage would suit a family vacation as much as it would a romantic getaway. Kids are quite welcome – with programs such as ‘Paintbox’ (an activities-based children’s program) and a special shuttle that takes kids (sans parents) to ski school.

With the hotel's five restaurants you will rarely need to venture anywhere else. There's a sushi restaurant (winter only) and a pub complete with a four-lane regulation bowling alley. The newest addition to the dining scene is a Burgers and Bourbon restaurant featuring more than 100 whiskeys from around the world (Utah's biggest selection).

But what makes Montage truly remarkable is the ski valet service. Just as a ‘horse whisperer’ can transform a wild animal into an entity of divine calmness, these talented people can tame your ski boots and make them behave. All the 33 ski valets at Montage have undergone 16 hours of training just to learn how to buckle up and take off ski boots – which takes this pesky task out of your own hands.

Seriously, this hotel takes ski valet to another level entirely. When you first get there, you’ll be checked in with an iPad. Then, after your designated boot whisperer has put on your boots (pre-warmed to 90 degrees) and clicked you into your skis (which will be already be on the slopes, facing downhill), your poles will be handed to you – and off you’ll go. At the end of the day, the ski valets will hand you a hot cocoa on a silver platter the moment they click you out of your skis, before gently caressing your boots off your tired legs. Everything considered, it’s surprising they don’t make the turns for you – but then again, they practically do in Deer Valley – where the slopes are groomed to perfect corduroy.  

Who should stay here

Montage Deer Valley is the perfect choice for discerning families and romantic couples who want an effortless ski escape. 

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