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Hotel Bellevue

Corso Italia 197, Cortina dAmpezzo, Italy
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Scout loves

  • Centrally located in Cortina d'Ampezzo
  • A nice spa & fitness center with great massages
  • The rooms on the top floors which have mountain views
  • The Restaurant which is open all day
  • Friendly staff personifying Italian hospitality

Scout tips

  • Traditional Italian Alpine style architecture and interiors which can come across as outdated… or retro cool, depending on which way you look at it.
  • Reception area is small and no real lounge area for guests to relax in.
  • There is no shuttle service but transfer to the bus station is available .
  • Big rooms with antique paneling. Lower floors do not have views.
  • Some classic rooms do not have any sofas.


Hotel Bellevue Suites & Spa was built in 1894 and was once the favorite of noted celebrities. It was in this hotel that Ernest Hemmingway wrote his autobiography “Out of Season” in 1923 and Italo Balbo, Edda Ciano, King Faruk, Frank Sinatra are among the other prominent people who have stayed here. Hotel Bellevue still has the same old world charm that probably attracted the celebrities and Scout feels and probably much of the design has not changed either.

Although the interiors and the furnishings at Hotel Bellevue might feel a little outdated, it is a comfortable and cozy. In fact, Scout almost finds the whole place a kind of retro cool! It has 20 rooms and 46 Suites with the higher floors providing great views of the mountains. The rooms are spacious and look like something out of an Italian Nonna’s country house. They’re classically decorated with carved wooden paneling on the ceiling, walls and floors and fabrics on the beds and sofas are floral pastels. It oozes old world Italian charm.

The restaurant at Bellevue is excellent. It serving up authentic Venetian cuisine and you can even watch your meals being prepared with its open kitchen facility. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bar snacks until midnight. There’s often live piano music.

Bellevue’s spa is surprisingly good. It offers “emotional showers” with different essences, unique aesthetic treatments, sauna and steam rooms, and massages that are pretty darned good. There’s also a small fitness room.

Today Hotel Bellevue in Cortina might not be so popular with celebrities, but its central location, traditional atmosphere, great spa still make it a great choice. Just think of the floral fabrics and wooden walls as retro and you’ll love it.

Who should stay here

Hotel Bellevue Suites & Spa is great for couples or group of friends who are not fussy, and are looking for a comfortable, decent and strategically located hotel.  

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