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Aspen Square Condominium Hotel

617 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, USA
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Scout loves

  • The higher, south-facing condos offer some of the best views in Aspen
  • The prime location
  • Every condo features a wood-burning fireplace and balcony
  • The studios are generously proportioned – measuring around 500 square feet
  • The kitchens in every condo are more than adequate for a week-long ski holiday

Scout tips

  • All of the condos are individually owned and refurbishment is totally up to the owner. As a result the décor can vary wildly.
  • A 4.5% service fee will be charged on top of taxes. This includes Wi-Fi, parking, newspapers and other amenities.
  • Apart from front desk and concierge, there are no additional services such as room service or ski valet.
  • Corner units offer a lighter and brighter option, and usually with great views.
  • Sign up the night before for the hotel morning shuttle to Aspen Highlands.


If you’re familiar with the Aspen ski scene, it’s likely that you’ll know someone who has stayed at Aspen Square Condominium Hotel at least once. This place has been around for years and despite the stiff competition from neighboring hotels, it remains a popular choice. The main reason for this is location: it’s located right in the middle of downtown Aspen, a mere 64 steps (according to the hotel) from the Aspen Mountain Gondola and a block-and-a-half to the ski shuttle. It’s also right across the road from a grocery market – making its location just about ideal.

Consistently popular, Aspen Square condos attracts huge numbers of return visitors – some have even been known to request the same condo every year for 20 years! The only thing that’s inconsistent is the décor, which varies wildly between condos due to the fact they’re individually owned. This means that, for the same rate, you could find yourself in a freshly renovated condo, or one that hasn’t been touched for quite a few years.

But we’re willing to turn a blind eye to that – since all of the condos are in great condition, regardless of how recently they’ve been renovated. In fact, the décor in some of these condos manages to be charmingly ‘retro’ without even trying. Think, modern mountain. Saying that, most of the condos are spacious, offer great storage, and flexible bedding arrangements, perfect condos for families. Some condos boast washer and dryer, however, there is also communal guest laundry located in each condo building, and on each floor.

What’s more important (aside from the location) is that all the condos – from the single studios up to the two bedroom apartments – are a great size. They’re also well equipped, and most on the south side feature incredible views of the ski slopes. The views on the north side aren’t too bad either – as they overlook the rooftops of Aspen village. Whichever way you’re facing, just be sure to request a room that’s higher up in order to get the best views. 

The Aspen Square condos are the perfect lodging option for families in Aspen, located conveniently close to the slopes of Ajax, near local restaurants and bars of downtown, and offering all the necessities for a self-catered ski package.

Who should stay here

The Aspen Square Condominiums are perfect for couples who don’t need 5-star luxury, and who want to be close to the ski slopes with the option of cooking-in, yet also within a stone’s throw of restaurants.

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