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Ryokan Jon Nobi

9288 Nozawa Onsen, Nozawa Onsen, Japan
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Scout loves

  • The modern Japanese bar and restaurant that dishes out exceptional food.
  • The hotel features traditional Japanese-style rooms, but also plenty of room options with Western mattresses.
  • Staff are friendly and speak English (that is sometimes broken).
  • Guests can use the fantastic onsen at the hotel or the nearby sister hotel, Ryokan Sakaya.
  • There are a variety of onsen to choose from.

Scout tips

  • The private onsens can be used exclusively (including by couples). If you’re not staying in the hotel you can also rent them by the hour for ¥1050.
  • There is limited storage in the rooms, and while there are televisions in the rooms they have Japanese channels only.
  • The free Wi-Fi works well in the lobby, but not so great in the rooms.


Jon Nobi is the name of this Nozawa Onsen ryokan, which in English translates to ‘relaxed and comfortable’. It’s a great name for a hotel, and Scout is happy to report that it lives up to its namesake.

Located right in the heart of Nozawa Onsen Village, Ryokan Jon Nobi is in the mid-high price-range – providing a fantastic option for those seeking a traditional Japanese experience. It's one of the best located Ryokans for both skiing (just a 4-5 minute walk up the hill to the moving walkway) as well as the village (it's steps from the main street and all of Nozawa Onsen's Restaurants).

Attached to the hotel is a contemporary Japanese restaurant and bar called Himatsuri – which gets its name from the famous fire festival that is held in the village in January each year. Whether or not you’re staying at the ryokan, this restaurant is well worth a visit, and plenty of skiers congregate in the spacious bar each evening to chat about the day. In addition to this there’s another restaurant, ‘Mizuo’, which has a tempura bar and serves locally-made sake.

The standard rooms at Jon Nobi are indeed relaxing and comfortable – as far as authentic Japanese-style rooms go. By this we mean that you won’t be lounging around on couches, however you will be able to kick back on your tatami mat with a floor level chair back. These standard Japanese rooms can sleep up to 4 people on futon-style beds, and include an ensuite.

If you’d prefer Western furnishings, choose a room with Western-style beds. You can also upgrade to a Deluxe room, which include sofas.

We love the onsen at Jon Nobi, which feature traditional wood and slate floors. Guests can choose to use either the public onsen, or one of the 4 private onsen (including one that’s in a cave!).

Rates for the ryokan include either just breakfast or breakfast and dinner. Given how good the restaurant is, the rate including two meals is exceptional value.

Who should stay here

Couples or families who want an authentic Japanese experience that won’t break the bank. Plus, its location in the heart of Nozawa Onsen makes it super convenient.

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