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Moku No Sho

Moiwa, Niseko, Japan
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Scout loves

  • The beautiful and natural indoor and outdoor onsens
  • Smell of wood throughout the hotel
  • Highly personalized service
  • Upon arrival, you can choose your own pattern of Yukata
  • Stunning Japanese architecture and interiors
  • A very traditional Japanese experience, just a short distance from world famous Niseko

Scout tips

  • Many of the rooms have their own massage chair
  • Moku No Sho is not close to the ski slopes. It requires a 20 minute shuttle to get to the main Niseko ski slopes. It would be best to have your own car, or better still, have for a ski guide each day who will pick you up and drop you off.
  • Non-smoking hotel
  • There are snacks offered at various times of the day
  • Although English is spoken by many staff, occasionally it can be a struggle to communicate


Nestled deep in the Niseko valley and seemingly a world away from highly westernized Hirafu, Moku No Sho provides an authentic and luxurious Japanese experience in a very peaceful and quiet setting. Moku No Sho is a good example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”; although the exterior is nothing fancy and can be described as bland and stark, its interiors will “wow” you.  The moment you step into the hotel, you will be dazzled by its amazing light decoration in the grand lobby. Immediately you will realize you’re on to something special. There are so many reasons why the hotel is one of Scout’s favorite in all of the ski resorts in Japan.

Just off the lobby, the lounge area has sublime caramel colored leather couches which are so inviting and comfortable it would be hard to go anywhere after grabbing a magazine, collapsing into one and sipping on a cup of tea. Near the lounge is a cool bar area that serves up an extensive list of drinks.

Moku No Sho has a total of 25 rooms ranging from a Deluxe Twin room to Premiere Suite room. The rooms are spacious, impeccably clean and are beautifully furnished. All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities yet provide the authentic Japanese experience you desire. All the rooms are equipped with a TV, fridge, humidifier, and a good range of tea, coffee, and toiletries. Many of the rooms are equipped with a massage chair and some have their own open air bath.

The hotel has its own Japanese restaurant called Shorai which serves dishes that are not only freshly made but delicious as well – all the seafood is freshly caught from Uchiura Bay and Japan Sea. The room rate includes dinner.

One of the best features of this hotel is its indoor and outdoor onsens that are 100% natural, fed from the Konbu Hot Springs. If you want some privacy, you can enjoy a bath in a private onsen for 2100 Yen per couple for 50 minutes. Yearning for a massage, treatments or facial? The Spa Yukiko is right inside the hotel.

Moku No Sho might not be in a convenient location but that is also why people love the hotel. In stark contrast to the busy, westernized Hirafu village, Moku No Sho is peaceful and wonderfully authentic. It is truly a paradise near Niseko.

Who should stay here

The hotel is ideal for couples who will love its peaceful and romantic setting and want to experience authentic Japanese hospitality. 

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