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M Hotel

Momiji-Zaka, Central Hirafu, Japan
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 Scout Verified

Scout loves

  • Fantastic central location
  • One of the only gyms in Niseko which is free for hotel guests
  • Comfortable rooms with a fresh design

Scout tips

  • Some of the rooms can be noisy, particularly those facing the street
  • None of the rooms have any sort of views
  • Limited options at breakfast (no Japanese options)
  • The hotel does not offer a shuttle pick up from the bus station
  • There are some interconnecting rooms
  • There is a washer/dryer in the building


While the high-end luxury market continues to grow in Niseko along with its popularity and prices, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent mid-range hotel with mid-range prices.

Fortunately there’s M Hotel and its simpler sister property next door, M Lodge. Located right in the heart of Niseko Hirafu’s action, on Momiji-zaka it is surrounded by restaurants, bars and shops. It’s also not that far to walk to the Family Ace Pair lift either (approximately 5 minute, flat walk)

By no means is M Hotel luxurious. But fortunately a clean design of the rooms with whites linens, pale woods and red accents makes the relatively small rooms pleasant and comfortable. There are no views from the rooms – expect to see other buildings close by or street views.

There are 30 rooms at M Hotel, most of which are standard rooms featuring a western style bed that can be either a King or 2 twins. There are three suite rooms which are huge, and have a living area, huge cupboard and bathroom. If you’re looking to spend a bit of time hanging out in your room this might be a better option.

Being a mid-range hotel there aren’t a lot of extra facilities; there’s no onsen or hot bath, no shuttles to the bus station, and no public bathroom to use you want to shower after checking out. Bizarrely though, there is a great gym! What you do get at M Hotel are friendly, helpful receptionists and a western breakfast is included in the rate.

Who should stay here

M Hotel Niseko is perfect for the more budget minded, (including solo travellers), and those who want to be in the heart of Niseko Hirafu village. 

Scout Customer Reviews

Great! Our room was nice and large. Staff seemed new and had a little trouble helping us with different inquiries probably due to lack of communication between staff members. Otherwise, they were very friendly. Ariane, Scout Cutsomer, 2020

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