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Avenue du Prariond, Val-dIsere, France
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Scout loves

  • This 3 star hotel is a truly authentic, French chalet experience, close to the slopes and village, and tucked in a quiet position.
  • Even the food here is traditional Savoyard fare.
  • Great value in Val d'Isère.
  • Comfortable, convenient and friendly. 

Scout tips

  • There is a minimum of seven night's stay.
  • Request a double bed if you're a couple, because some rooms only have single beds that can be pushed together.
  • After checking out, they let you leave your luggage in at the hotel living room for safe keeping, and you may still use the showers at the ground floor before leaving.
  • There is a fully equipped workshop, that lets guests tune, wax, sharpen your skis, a huge bonus for do-it-yourself skiers.
  • There is no on-site ski shop, but you can book ski rentals through the hotel.
  • The very tiny, 11 m2 Chambre Single, is the only room with a south facing terrace, accommodates only one guest.
  • All rooms are non-smoking. 


L’Avancher is a Scout favorite thanks to its charm, friendly service and authentic chalet style all just a short distance from the main Val d'Isère village. Hotel L'Avancher has the feel of an old, French mountain chalet, which is not surprising given it is one of the oldest in Val d'Isère, built in 1949. It is a three star hotel, and offers some of the friendliest service and best value in all of Val d'Isère valley.  All of Val’s restaurants, bars and shops are within walking distance and if you are a bit tricky, you can ski nearly into the back of this hotel. However the easiest way to get to and from the slopes is by taking the free and short shuttle bus in the morning.

L'Avancher has a traditional style and hasn’t been renovated to the extreme, like some of the other hotels in this village, hence the good value and authenticity that you get at L'Avancher. Everything about this hotel is very welcoming and friendly, from the service to the other guests. It's a more ski lodge style feel to it. There's an honesty bar where guest can have whatever drinks they want, whenever they want. There's a small communal living area with piano, ball games, board games and children's toys. The hotel has a small sauna, but not much more in terms of a wellness area. They are also happy to lend you iPads, GoPros, walkie-talkies – the sorts of things you'll need to make your ski day more enjoyable.

The 17 rooms in L’Avancher reflect the price that you pay. They're small, particularly, the small Standard rooms - think of it as your 14 m2 nest in Val d'Isere. But they are perfectly comfortable, simple, cozy and would be fine for two people to share. There are some larger rooms, enough to accommodate as much as four guests, which would suit a family. Some of the rooms have views of the mountains, or are south facing and get the sun, which is what we would request.

Breakfast is included in the room rates, and half board option is available. The hotel restaurant is excellent and serves traditional Savoyard fare. The traditional Raclette is definitely the dish to have - the cheese is melted right at your table. Half board menu varies from day to day and is cooked with fresh, local, Savoyard products.

Who should stay here

This is for people who are going to appreciate excellent value in Val d'Iser, who are not fussy, and like a more ski lodge style property. Great place for single travelers, couples and families who want an authentic and welcoming French chalet experience.

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