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Eichardt's Private Hotel

2 Marine Parade, Queenstown, New Zealand
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 Scout Verified

Scout loves

  • Stunning decor and furnishings.
  • Fruit bowls and fresh flowers in every hotel room.
  • Comfortable living/library area for guests to mingle, with complementary decanters full of brandy & whiskey.
  • Best bar in town – roaring fire and great cocktails.
  • Fireplaces in each of the rooms and cozy sitting areas.
  • The finishes in the rooms are extraordinary – no expense has been spared.
  • Luxurious bathrooms.

Scout tips

  • A very central downtown location means there can be noise at night, but double glazing on windows helps reduce disturbances.
  • The Lakefront Suite rooms have great views of Lake Wakatipu through the French doors.
  • The Apartments are in a separate building a few doors down from the main hotel.


From the moment you step foot inside Eichardt’s private hotel you know it’s going to be a great experience. Even before you reach the big glass doors, an outdoor log fire creates a warm welcome. Steeped in history and effortlessly sophisticated, Eichardt’s is a cut above.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the furnishings – they’re some of the most beautiful that Scout has seen. Sure, it’s a matter of personal taste, but it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking the simple but refined French Colonial style. It’s neither fussy nor boring, and the country-style antiques have been complemented with modern touches. Meanwhile, the large and relaxing parlour room is open for guests to enjoy – whether it’s for breakfast in the morning (included in the rate) or an after-dinner cognac or brandy (also included).

The hotel is divided into just five suites and four apartments. Each suite is large enough to include a small sitting area next to a fire, which would be perfect for an afternoon nap, or perhaps an aperitif before bed. (Although you’ll probably be more inclined to enjoy an apres ski drink at the fantastic downstairs bar).

What’s more extraordinary about Eichardt’s is that it was once a dark and smelly pub – harkening back to Queenstown’s gold rush days (of the late 1800s).Today, Eichardt’s manages to retain its sense of history while also offering something that’s fresh and contemporary.

The bar and restaurant is small and cozy, especially with a log fire burning, but it’s the cocktails and food that make Eichardt’s so well-deserved of praise. The restaurant serves a full breakfast menu, while during lunch and evening sessions the generously-sized tapas plates are guaranteed to keep hungry patrons happy.

Who should stay here

If this hotel is within your price range, you should stay here. If it’s not, then stay somewhere really cheap for a few nights (the backpackers, Nomads, is nearby) so you can splurge for at least one night at Eichardt’s – it’s worth it.

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