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Aspen Meadows Resort

845 Meadows Rd, Aspen, Colorado, USA
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Scout loves

  • The peace and serenity of the location and the grounds.
  • The fantastic art that’s featured all throughout the complex, including the sculptures in the gardens.
  • The simple, neutral design scheme, and the wall-to-wall windows.
  • Some of the rooms offer amazing views.
  • Aspen Meadows has an arrangement with Four Mountain Sports (a local ski rental store) that allows you to store your skis at the bottom of each mountain. If you are going to a different mountain the next day, your skis will be there waiting for you.
  • A shuttle bus from the hotel to the town runs every half hour, 24 hours a day.
  • The rooms are large – the smallest (called a Junior Suite) is 550 square feet. 

Scout tips

  • Aspen Meadows Resort is not in downtown Aspen – it’s a short 5 minute drive from the centre.
  • The second floor rooms can only be accessed by stairs.
  • Getting to the slopes: the hotel will shuttle you to the Aspen base, and from there you can catch the town shuttle to other mountains. If you’re planning on skiing any mountains other than Aspen, it’s probably best to have your own transport. 


Vacationers seeking peace and quiet are often disappointed by Aspen – it’s a very busy town all year round. However Aspen Meadows Resort, which sits amid 40 acres of landscaped gardens, offers genuine tranquility. This creates the feeling of having truly escaped from the stresses of daily life to an idyllic mountain retreat. And it’s clear that all this peace and tranquility is having an effect – because everyone you come across is smiling.

Aspen Meadows has a rich history. The resort stems from the Aspen Institute, which was founded by philanthropist Walter Paepcke in the 1950s as a place for creative types to congregate. Paepcke commissioned Bauhaus-trained architect Herbert Bayer to design the lodgings for the institute – which is why the buildings are so distinctive.  

Fortunately, today Aspen Meadows is open for anyone to stay – creative or not. The visually striking Bauhaus style is upheld throughout – including the art, furnishings and décor – creating a look that’s clean and simple, yet homely and comfortable. All the rooms are big and have basic kitchen facilities (including a sink, microwave, refrigerator, plates and cutlery).

If you’re visiting in winter you’ll be treated to views of the mountains from some rooms, with picturesque snow-covered gardens in the foreground. Everything you need is here – including two restaurants (the fine dining establishment Plato’s, and the more casual Meadows), and a full service bar called the Hefner Lounge (nothing to do with Hugh, fortunately). With all your needs covered, it will be tempting to never venture into the hustle and bustle of town.

Meanwhile, the gym, pool and hot tub facilities are excellent – set in a bucolic location with views of the meadows and river.

Aspen Meadows isn’t for everyone – some may find the location too quiet and others may not like the minimalist design aesthetic. But for many, it will provide just the escape they are craving – with a lesson in Bauhaus art as a bonus. 

Who should stay here

Aspen Meadows Resort is best suited to those seeking the thrills of Aspen but in a secluded, creative environment.

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