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Scout loves

  • Panoramic views of the mountains
  • The ski-in ski-out position on the slopes of the Akakura Kanko Ski Resort
  • The spacious rooms with super comfortable beds
  • Exceptional restaurants

Scout tips

  • Rooms in the higher floors facing the valley (Nojiriko Side) have better views. Rooms that face up the slopes (Myoko Side) don't have great views.
  • Very popular with Westerners
  • Food and beverage prices reflects the upscale quality of the hotel and its services
  • You are quite separated from the village of Akakura Onsen and there is no shuttle service to the village
  • Free washer/dryers



One of the first European-style ski resorts in Japan, Akakura Kanko Hotel was established in 1937 and is today a favorite of Westerners who want to enjoy luxurious accommodations in the Akakura Kanko (Myoko Kogen) Ski Resort. The moment you set your sights on the Akakura Kanko Hotel, you know that you are in for a very upscale and comfortable stay. Its interiors are a reflection of its exterior, which is not only luxurious and lavish, but very comfortable and cozy. The hotel’s ambiance will make you think you are in a 5-star hotel in a major city; it is an extra-ordinary hotel nestled right up on the ski slopes. About five years ago, the hotel added a new wing and underwent a major renovation which can be seen in its facilities, furnishing and furniture.

Akakura Kanko Hotel has 52 rooms that are very comfortable and spacious. Most of the rooms are done Western style, beautifully furnished with modern amenities including a flat-screen TV with cable, DVD player, and an air humidifier. Like the rooms, the bathrooms are done in Western style with Western style fixtures, and are equipped with Clarins toiletries. 

Akakura Kanko hotel has numerous restaurants, each one offering a different dining experience. The main restaurant called Sorbier specializes in French. If you are craving for seafood harvested from the Sea of ​​Japan and dishes prepared in Japanese authentic style, the Shirakaba or at Kura restaurants will be a great choice. A more casual option is the Café Terrace which serves Western style dishes. If you are craving for bread, cakes or cookies, you can buy some at the hotel’s own bakery. The Aqua Bar is where you can relax, have a drink or two after a day of skiing, and mingle with other guests. Prices for all of the hotel’s food and drink isn’t cheap, but the quality and service is excellent.

Akakura Kanko hotel has a beautiful spa area which include natural indoor and outdoor onsen, treatments and massages. If you fancy getting married – not a problem. The hotel features a chapel called  "Chapel of the Heaven”.

It is worth noting the hotel's location, while convenient for skiing, is not convenient for enjoying the restaurants and bars of Akakura Kanko village. It is about a 30 minute walk up a very long hill from the village, and they do not offer a shuttle service in the evenings. Given the village only has three taxis, it is almost impossible to go to the village, unless you have your own vehicle.

If you want top-notch facilities and upscale amenities while enjoying a ski vacation, Akakura Kanko Hotel is your best option. Note that the hotel has a range of expensive suite rooms, some with their own private outdoor onsen, however Scout is unable to book these for customers

Who should stay here

The hotel is perfect for couples who are looking for a romantic five-star experience especially for honeymooners, and those who want to enjoy exceptional Western standard accommodations in Myoko, and don't mind being "stuck" up on the slopes. We don't recommend this hotel for families or those who wish to dine in the village each evening, unless you have your own vehicle.

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